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Friday, March 15, 2013

K-POP Dancing Competition

Mar 12, 2013 | by karinteffany on

For the dancing itself we chose ice-cream from hyuna . I'm not a fan of Kpop but
my best friend does so he's the one who picked that song.

The moves are mostly waving and whipping hair .
 Because of there were only 4 of us,
 so I have to be 2 of those girls and they are the girl 
with yellow pants and the girl with flower top. Well it was fun.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Gipsy waterfall

actually, I took those picture for a magic company. But then I took some invidual shoots and here you go Bohemian,boho-chic,gipsy,feathers you name it! I love them all . Even sometime I feel like combining them all to wrap my skin. But still, I live in Surabaya , Indonesia the society, the people surrounding me won't just support and respect what you like. If they don't like it they will make fun of you, and gossip about you so wearing unique shape or different pattern of clothing that are far from stripes,plaid,solid,or flowers you should be super careful here.Most importantly... Just be your self and don't let those judgmental people around you block your creativity :)


 Hip hop dance is one of the most popular hobby and a topic to be talked about among teenagers especially in high school life, I have been dancing since I was in kindergarten and I stopped dancing since junior high. That's why when I was offered to join the crew in my high school to dance for DBL (a competition for basketball) I was super interested and excited at the same time. The background music in that dancing was remixed by my friend but she moved to Netherland already :( . Oh and btw these pictures are taken by a friend of mine who ran the school magazine department, lucky to have her around! I'm so happy that our 2 weeks of practicing and skipping class worth to be posted in the newspaper :D

Monday, January 21, 2013

The bloody bathtub

I took this picture between Halloween and Christmas I never have guessed that chains,feathers which are my inspiration could give me the idea to take this shoots by combining red and black all together.This photoshoot is super unprepared since the photographer told me a day before that. And yes,he's the same photographer who help me with the rooftop photoshoot. Seems like this guy is unpredictable but I love his works! thanks to selca photography and Kristine Huang (as the make up artist) I almost change the theme of this photography because my mom didn't allow me to have this bloody pictures but, hmmm well I said I won't but then I did and by the time she found out about this reddish picture..... I was soooo dead... and now that I'm re-alive... anyway I turn 19 today so, can't wait to post another weirdo photoshoot :D

(in the dressing room)

Monday, December 24, 2012


I'm a HUGE fan of american flag It represents the freedom,modern lifestyle,a great place to stay! Besides the pattern is super eye catching with those 3 based color : white,red,and blue so...
after my English class I waited the photographer by playing billiard ... then we went to the nearest mall rooftop and took these shoots. Actually those spots are a place where most of the engineers take some rest so it's kinda smell bad but still, the view from those places are outstanding ! Unfortunately I didn't ask the photographer to take some pictures for you :(

Friday, December 14, 2012

What a day

today I had 2 test to be done, first one was around 10.30 a.m and the other one was going to be at 2.00 p.m the first exam was super easy so that I could get out from the class real quick. Suddenly a friend of mine asked my religion task which was suppose to be handed in by the time the exam was held and I didn't bring it. So I ran to the taxi station and found 2 cars were there. I decided to buy some oreo first and the minute I came back all of those cars had already gone. Fortunately my friend helped me by giving me a ride home to take that task. After found my task, we realized that we still had much time , my other friend asked if she could borrow my printer and of course I said yes then we took off. After we sat in the car, the engine wouldn't work at all and the owner said "o ooh" hmm another bad sign. After swearing for some minutes thank god finally the car worked . (approaching my university) ..... (where is my task) .... I looked on the back seat and found my friend's paper oooooohh Thank god you brought my task ... she replied "no,I didn't it's mine" what the.... so I was super gave up on that time and I thought I wouldn't hand in my task on time. My friend who owned the car said "stay put, we still have enough time" and we re-do what we did phieewwww.... I was in time tho but I almost fell when I was going upstairs since using stair is better to reduce these fats of mine than lift my point is, duhh forgetting the same thing twice in one period of time? WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?

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